Create Connections by Joining an Internship Program

The Bill Munday School of Business offers structured internship programs for all students to test-drive a career, network with professionals and enhance their skills. The programs assure that each internship provides students with meaningful and career-focused learning experiences.

会计 实习

会计 internships may be eligible for academic credit and must meet requirements specified by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Business 实习 (for majors other than 会计)

实习 may be eligible for academic credit, depending upon job duties, structure and compliance with university and school requirements. 联系你的 undergraduate advisor, faculty advisor or graduate advisor for more information.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources to identify internship opportunities:

By participating in an internship, students can:

  • Gain valuable, practical experience in the business world
  • Enhance oral and written communication skills, in addition to teamwork
  • Build confidence in and a deeper understanding of academic subjects
  • Identify academic courses for subsequent semesters to improve skills
  • Network with business coworkers and customers
  • Develop interviewing and resume preparation
  • Determine whether personal and professional goals align with those of the employer or industry

According to Forbes, approximately 70% of companies make offers for full-time positions to interns.


Success Stories

In addition to internships, business students engage in research opportunities, volunteer experiences and study abroad. Learn more about opportunities our students take advantage of, and see what our alumni are up to now.