OIT学生大使 advocate for the 资讯科技署's initiatives 和 provide top-quality technology support that keeps the university running. 

The mission of the Student Ambassador program, 虽然, isn't just about how students help us– it's also about how we can help students gain the skills they need through 从实践经验中学习. And, yes, being an OIT Student Ambassador is a paid position.


All open Student Ambassador positions will be posted in 山顶的职业. Search on-campus jobs for "资讯科技署" 和 follow the instructions in the posting that interests you. 


我们的目标是培养 专业发展, 从实践经验中学习个人成长 while OIT学生大使 serve the university. As Ambassadors participate in this program, they will gain valuable professional 和 technical skills that will give them a competitive advantage when looking for internships 和 jobs while on the Hilltop 和 beyond. 

Throughout the program, Ambassadors will be able to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Professional certifications (paid for by OIT) such as Adobe Creative Cloud 认证, 谷歌认证, 表认证, Project 管理 Certification 和 more!
  • On-the-job training for programs like Salesforce, Extron, Smartsheet, etc.
  • Mentorship opportunities with industry professionals
  • Access to special events on campus 和 in Austin, 比如SXSW, 会议, 以及其他奥斯汀社区合作伙伴.


    That's right – we don't only provide 专业发展 opportunities but financial support as well. 

    每年,OIT都会提供 威廉·哈特利·卡希尔 scholarship, awarded to individuals who meet the following criteria:

    • Worked in OIT for at least two semesters
    • Proven excellence in their role in OIT
    • Participation in OIT Student Ambassador events 和 activities
    • Have made a significant impact in OIT with their work 和 projects
    • GPA在3分之间.2-4.0
    • 已证实的经济需要



    • Possess the desire 和 capacity to learn 和 apply new things
    • Demonstrate good interpersonal 和 communication skills
    • Be willing to receive 和 give constructive criticism
    • Be able to work collaboratively in a team or independently 
    • Be able to troubleshoot problems efficiently 
    • Demonstrate patience 和 thoroughness in their work
    • Work closely 和 effectively with the St. 爱德华的 community (students, faculty 和 staff) 
    • Be able to work under pressure 和 meet deadlines


    Student Ambassadors can 和 do perform various tasks for OIT, largely dependent upon the role 和 department in which they serve. Ambassadors could work in any of the 五个石油资讯科技部门 — 和 often, you'll collaborate with most, if not all, of them. 

    Technology is an expansive 和 ever-growing field, so whether you want to be a graphic designer, 电视录像制作人, 或支持代理, we can help you prepare to enter the industry by giving you real, 有意义的工作.

    People walking in the SEU 首页coming parade wearing alien costume pieces


    在OIT工作很有趣, 多样化和具有挑战性的经历, where I have been able to grow my skills in a wide variety of fields, ranging from UX research to data analytics.

    — Ibrahim Mukaty '20, 计算机科学


    My co-workers are the best part about working for OIT, as well as being in a learning environment where you have to be open to new challenges every day.

    — Marcela Rodriguez '21, 计算机科学


    I got to learn things that were separate from my major. The Student Ambassador program puts together trips 和 events that help students like me learn different skills that prepare us for what's after college. 

    — Tate Seroczynski '20, 平面设计